My sister Abe and I decided to take our parents to a road trip. We always see to it that when we go home for vacation, we would find time to go for a trip or an adventure with them. We started from Davao City down to Bukidnon (for a zip line) and ended it to Cagayan De Oro City for a church visit. I can say that it was one of those memorable trips I have had.

The moment you stepped outside the city of Davao, you will be welcomed by a lush greenery and fruit stands along the road. There’s this amazing place called “BUDA”. It connects Bukidnon and Davao City and is 145 kilometers away from Davao. Since it’s a high land place, you could see fogs on the road during the morning and late afternoon.

Fruit stands along the road of Davao City

Davao Durian is the King of Fruits in the Philippines

Foggy weather - road trip to Bukidnon

 Cool and foggy weather - road trip to Bukidnon

We made a quick stop for a cup of coffee at the Seagull’s Steak House and Coffee shop. One thing that our family have in common is our love for coffee.

Seagull Steakhouse and Coffe Shop, Davao City

Quick stop for a cup of coffee at the Seagull Steakhouse and Coffe Shop

After indulging to the coffee’s irresistible aroma, we then started hitting off the road. The next few hours was heavenly! We came across Overview Nature and Culture Park situated in Quezon, Bukidnon. I was mesmerized by the vast landscape and breathtaking panorama which the beautiful clear blue skies add up to its magnificent sight that was laid before me. Entrance is free.

Overview Nature and Culture Park in Quezon, Bukidnon

Bukidnon was full of surprises. It was already past 1pm and we were starving. When going on trips with your parents, the thing you consider the most is their comfort. Hahaha! So we let them choose and decide where to eat! Since my father used to travel a lot for business trips, we asked him for suggestions for a lunch stop-over. We stopped at Manna and Quail at Valencia, Bukidnon. From the interior to their food, it was superb! We, especially my mother, who’s always a big critic for food (she’s a good cook though!), were satisfied. Their customer service was the plus factor! I really liked their staff. They were very accommodating.

From Valencia City, Bukidnon, we traveled two more hours before we reached the city of Cagayan. The first leg of our road trip was tiring yet fun. Inside the car, funny stories were reminisced. Music was accompanied by laughter as we shared stories during the good old days. Nostalgic. These kind of moments are for keeps. As I glanced towards them, I was reminded that they too are getting old. I see lines on their foreheads. Their hair colors are starting to look like powdery white. They may not be as physically strong as they were twenty years ago, but they are still the parents that I knew who were and are still tough in overcoming life’s tests and trials. I guess it was the little rains outside the window that has made me melancholic. Are we there yet?, I asked my father. “We’ll wake you up when we get there,” he replied! Oh, how I love spending time with them. Few hours had passed, my mother’s hand woke me up  as she said, “Here we are. We have just arrived.”

 This is Cagayan de Oro City. It is known as the City of Golden Friendship. When you hear them say “Chada” it means beautiful! We booked a hotel for two nights here instead of spending a night at Bukidnon. I wasn’t that familiar with Bukidnon so I prefer to spend the nights in CDO.

The next day, we went back to Bukidnon going to Dahilayan Park for an extreme feat. I’d never thought I  would get to experience one of the amazing adventures in my life in this place! My heart was pounding when we were at the jeep that would take us to the base camp. And who would have thought that I would be able to conquer Asia’s longest dual zip line? The moment I heard the metals clinked, I screamed! It was nerve-wracking! But when I started to open my eyes, I was wowed at the breathtaking view below. The forest was stunningly beautiful from above! I see rivers. I see big trees. I see clear waters.

Our three day road trip was super fun! Every stop-over means a sip of hot coffee. Though it was almost raining through out the journey even going back home, it didn’t stop us from enjoying every single moment of it. The mountains, the landscape, the adrenaline rush at the forest park, the traffic we endured at the city of Cagayan, the restaurants we learned to love, the people we met, the church visit and the overwhelming grace from God.

As I get older, I find myself enjoying my parents’ company. I like going out with them over a cup of coffee. I love going to the supermarket and do some groceries with them. I love it when I see them being sweet with one another, my father’s eyes on the road while my mother’s teasing him. I would  pray that they always have the energy to go with me on my trips whenever I am home.

How about you? Do you consider tagging your parents along on your trips? They would love to see you enjoying life. Being with them. Being with you. 😀

Love lots!


  1. I would surely this sometime… You are right our parents are not getting any younger…


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