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February 21, 2024
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Life is a Journey….

I hope you get to enjoy my journey as I share with you my adventures on traveling, my favorite moments that I capture through my lens, the mishaps and misfortunes that happen in between, and the lesson learned from an imperfect person in me. I always find time to get out from my office desk and head out to a memorable adventures that I could have in life. I love the feeling of seeing new places, exploring the beautiful destinations each country has to offer. I love collecting stamps on my passport. I love the fact that I would be able to learn something new. I am not a good story-teller, (sorry about that) but I love to journal these things and hope I could inspire you guys to just live with the moments. Every day is not a good day. Today might be a bad day, well, it’s just a bad day but not a bad life, right? Why don’t we try to live one day at a time! Take risks but be sure to come out alive! Haha Speak Up. Be bold but always be kind. Smile. Forgive! And most of all Love.

The following categories will help you navigate to the topic you wanted to read.

Traveling – I just fell in love with traveling. I would like to fill you in on some of my crazy adventures and experiences about my travels. The do’s and don’t’s, the people, places, and the memories! If you are looking for tips and guides, well, I am not good at that! I am no expert BUT I am learning. Haha!

Photography – I always consider myself as a person behind the camera. I get conscious when I stand in front of it. I always believe that the best photographs are captured in a most unexpected events. I like candid shots. It’s real!

Reflections – I am a work in progress. Life has its ups and downs. I make mistakes and I learn from it. I mean, we all are!

Open Letters – To all the girls, boys included, to the mothers and fathers, to that guy who stares blankly at the sky, to that man I saw crying on the street while talking to someone over the phone, yes, this page is for you! Hope you get to read my letters I couldn’t tell in front of you.



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